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"In the time that Liz has been advising me, she has been consistently thoughtful and insightful to my needs and has become a trusted confidant. Liz offers a space that feels safe, secure, and judgement-free. She has been instrumental in building my confidence as I embark on a new chapter in my life". 
~Julie S, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Liz is an insightful, compassionate coach who has the extraordinary ability to quickly and realistically assess almost any given situation. Her vast knowledge, character, education and integrity combine wonderfully to help one in working through difficulties as quickly as possible. I respect her wisdom and guidance and recommend her highly. "    
~Christopher T, Laguna Beach, California


"Liz has an infectious joy about life that carries over in how she coaches clients in their search for a "soulmate."  She is passionate about supporting her clients in the dating process...dress, communication and so much more.  She truly believes there is someone out there for everyone and supports her clients in finding that person." 
~Amy J, Scottsdale, Arizona
"I met with Liz while I was going through a divorce after a multi year separation.  I needed suggestions on how to get started dating.  I had not dated for many years. Liz made many suggestions for easy ways to get started and encouraged me to follow up on one introduction that I had not yet done anything about. By the end of the day that I met with Liz, I had a date and from that, lots of great things have happened.  The divorce is final and I am having a great time meeting many remarkable and beautiful women. I'm in my 60's so Liz's advice is solid for any age group."
~Joe M, Scottsdale, Arizona

"As a dating coach, Liz helped me find my life partner.  I followed her suggestions, and I met the love of my life.  She was intuitive regarding the actions I was taking that weren’t receiving positive results.  It was clear that I needed to try something different.  Liz’s recommendations put me 'front and center', and it was less than a month after our dating coaching appointments that I met my man. I am grateful for Liz’s positive influence, and suggestions that I had not ever heard before.  Liz’s coaching guidance was the wake-up call I needed and I am forever grateful.   Liz’s time, patience, understanding, and innovative knowledge was invaluable to me.  My goal became very easy after meeting with Liz for dating coaching, and I am happy to finally be with my true love!  "

~  Karen J, Phoenix, Arizona