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After obtaining a Master’s of Science in Social Work degree, Liz worked extensively in a variety of different clinical settings with adolescents and adults as an individual, group and family therapist for 15 years. She also has an impressive background of facilitating mediations with attorneys and their clients.

Liz appeared on Fox 13 (Q13) in Seattle Washington in October of 2017. She has been a featured presenter in San Diego California at the "How to Raise your Odds of Finding Love” seminar. She was also featured as a guest speaker with a WRPB radio show in Florida. Liz has also effectively created and taught stress management programs and substance abuse awareness groups. In addition, she also has a background of mentoring, training and managing team members in the corporate environment.

Liz is an inspiration to many with her uplifting and effective dating expertise. She has comprehensive and helpful resources for those who seek her out for her coaching expertise. Liz works with single clients across the nation on the phone, Skype and in person and is currently teaching a 7 Keys to Successful Dating class in Seattle Washington. Stay in touch to learn more about Liz's upcoming book.


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